What is the KLEO Movement?

Located 119 East Garfield BLVD. Chicago Il. 60637.  KLEO helps the community thru three key services; Real estate Development, Education Program, and Violence Reduction. KLEO Center is a safe haven born from the sacraficial life of Kleo Y. Barrett who was a victim of domestic violence which ended in a murder suicide.

Torrey Barrett is the director of the KLEO movement and is driven by his passion to rebuild the community one child at a time through various services and programs.

There are several intitiatives ongoing, and the KLEO Center is seeking partnerships and donations to help fuel these programs to help those community memebers in need. Contact the KLEO Center today to get the most recent initiatives and learn how your can partner, participate and donate.

K.L.E.O. -> Keep Loving Each Other: Rebuilding the world, one community at a time

Educational Programs

Violence Reduction Programs

Events, Programs & Services

KLEO 119 East Garfield BLVD.
Chicago, IL. 60637