KLEO is a leader when it comes to collaborating with other organizations in the
community for programming.


K.L.E.O. Community Life Center (formerly The KLEO Barrett Angel Foundation) is a non-profit corporation founded in 2007 by Executive Director Pastor Torrey L. Barrett in honor of his sister, Kleo Yolaughn Barrett, the youngest daughter of Pastor and Mrs. T.L. Barrett. Jr. who was tragically killed by an ex-boyfriend at the young age of 27. In honor of Kleo Y. Barrett, the foundation was established to help eradicate domestic violence with an encouraging message to Keep Loving Each Other (K.L.E.O.).

K.L.E.O.’s initial goals were to assist women and children affected by acts of domestic violence by improving their socio-economic status, self-esteem, and quality of life through community-based sustainability programs. K.L.E.O’s Mission has expanded to providing service for families in these key areas; education, public safety, health and human services and economic development.