Keep Loving Each Other.


K.L.E.O. Community Family Life Center is a non-profit organization and facility dedicated to strengthening families and providing a safe haven, through education, training, support and fun for people of all ages in the Chicagoland community

Get In Chicago

A mentoring program designed to empower our youth between 16-24 yrs into becoming leaders of today by encouraging positive relationships with adults to make positive impacts.

After School Matters

The After School Matters Performing Arts & Music Production program is a class created to identify the gifts of each student and bring their talents to the forefront. The course is developed to enhance artistic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic valuing.

What Time Is It?

The Safe Haven program is housed in the Office of Faith Based Initiatives of Chicago Public Schools and provides a “safe haven” for CPS students that is a reliable and no cost alternative place for students and parents during critical high violence periods in the city.


How we support our communities

10 + Educational Programs

Job Readiness Assistance

Social Engagement Activities

Violence Prevention