Our goal is to create an enhanced ability to navigate the world by providing the necessary tools, skills and support needed for our participants to become a productive part of society.


What Time Is It?

This program is designed to provide tutoring and homework assistance for school age children during the hours of 3:30PM – 6:30 PM focusing on STEM Programing using computer technology.

Program Objectives: 

  • Provide a safe place for children to go after school until parents get off of work that has internet access for a positive learning environment.
  • Provide homework help for children having difficulty completing their assignments at home with no internet access.
  • Provide tutoring on specific subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math using KLEO’s mobile computer lab.
  • Provide ACT/SAT and Iowa Test study material and course evaluation for our junior and senior grade students.
  • Provide career counseling for College prep students.



After School Matters Performing Arts and Music

The After School Matters Performing Arts & Music Production program is a class created to identify the gifts of each student and bring their talents to the forefront.

The course is developed to enhance artistic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic valuing. The goals are to increase the ability to connect and apply what is learned in drama to other art forms, subjects, and careers. These goals are achieved by teaching students theatre and musical terminology for the stage, acting, directing, music, vocals, recording, video, photography, and other technical aspects of production The students gain experience in reading scripts, performing improvisation  and monologues, in addition to, participating in scene plays and mock auditions.


Mayor Mentoring Initiative

The Mayor’s Mentoring Initiative is a program targeting 8th, 9th and 10th grades boys and young men across 22 communities in pre-identified Chicago Public elementary and high schools. This initiative is the cornerstone of the City’s public safety strategy to support young men who may be impacted by violence by connecting them to caring adults who can support their individual goals and strengthen peer, individual, community and school connections.

Through mentoring, DFSS hopes to affect the following positive outcomes for the boys and young men enrolled in this initiative over a three-year period. The Department will be working in collaboration with the University of Chicago Urban Labs to create reporting requirements and analyze data for outcomes focused on these three areas:

  • Support to achieve positive school outcomes
  • Lowering justice involvement
  • Linking to appropriate employment opportunities

KLEO's Young Professionals Academy

WHAT IS THE KLEO Professionals Academy? 

The KLEO Young Professionals Academy is a multi-faceted youth development program.  Its purpose is to instill in youth the core elements and needed competencies for healthy human development so they adopt the kind of responsible attitudes and behaviors which enable them to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life, successfully integrate into the workforce and pursue long-term career goals.

The KLEO Professionals Academy guides participants through three phases of comprehensive training over a 20-day period; PHASE I: Employability Skills, PHASE II: Job Retention and  PHASE III: Life Skills. Theses targeted areas of youth development have a significant bearing on the quality of life for youth presently and into their future.



Adult Learning through Technology Program:

Computer Classes/Resume Writing Classes

This program is designed to provide intermediate computer and resume writing skills.

Course Objectives: 

  • Identify hardware components and types of software
  • Use Windows Explorer, Chrome, Excel, Word, Power Point, and Webex
  • Search the World Wide Web; Explore the internet; Establish an E-Mail Account
  • Discuss the importance of Data Protection; Write a Resume
  • Introduction to online banking, shopping, appointment scheduling, etc.
image groceries

KLEO's Mobile Food Pantry and Health Fair

Every first Wednesday of the month, the KLEO Center, in partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the University of Chicago Medicine, produces a health fair and food distribution at the KLEO Center.  The goal is to provide free health care screening and food to adults and seniors who often have difficulties getting quality health care and food in the communities that they live in.  A chef provides cooking demonstrations and recipes to the recipients to ensure they have the proper education to prepare healthy meals at home.  Every month, KLEO provides this service to over 200 families and individuals.

One Summer Chicago

Workforce Programs

SYEP Summer Youth Employment Program

The goal of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s One Summer Chicago program is to empower youth ages 14 to 24 during summer months with safe, meaningful work experiences.Through the program, youth gain valuable job training, career advising and real-world work experience while being connected to caring adults. The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) connects Chicago youth to summer employment opportunities throughout the city.

One Summer Chicago Plus

One Summer Chicago PLUS (OSC+) is a specialized violence prevention summer workforce program for high need youth ages 16-21. The goal of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s One Summer Chicago Plus (OSC+) program is to empower youth during summer months with safe, meaningful, work experience. Through the program, youth gain valuable job skills financial literacy and real-world work experience while being connected to caring adults, OSC+ provides youth subsidized wages for 20 hours a week.


The goal of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s One Summer CHicago Chicagobilty program is to provide youth ages 14-15 with project-based learning and activities focused on community contribution, beautification and sustainability and /or safety.  Through the program, youth gain valuable 21st century skills in career exploration and strengthen their community, build civic engagement and/or create safe communities through youth driven projects. The chicagobility program connects Chicago youth to projects and activities throughout the city.