School Based Counseling

KLEO has extensive experience in School Based Counseling and Advocacy. We currently serve hundreds of CPS students in an in-school capacity providing a variety of services. KLEO’s in-school counseling program combines a multitude of approaches in order to provide the student with a holistic approach to counseling.

K.L.E.O.’s in-school counseling program is currently being implemented in Chicago’s Englewood Community and provides mentoring and advocacy services to approximately 200 young people enrolled in Paul Robeson High School. The students are assigned to the program by the school system. The goal of the program is to “(A) reduce the likelihood that the student will engage in aggressive behavior or criminal activity and (B) to decrease the frequency of the student’s truancies, suspensions, and expulsions. The KLEO VFZ program also seeks to improve the students’ academic performance and increase their involvement in extra-curricular activities.

The KLEO’s in-school counseling approach is unique in that it utilizes young adults from the same neighborhoods and backgrounds as students in the schools. Called Youth Advisors, they are able to prevent violence, resolve conflicts, and motivate students to responsible behavior and academic achievement. Because they have faced and overcome the same challenges, they receive the students’ trust and confidences. They serve as role models that individuals can overcome their environments, and confiding in them is not regarded as snitching.

KLEO hire, screen, train, and supervise the Youth Advisors/Counselors at each school. The Youth Advisors/Counselors act as hall and cafeteria monitors, mentors, counselors, and role models, and establish trust relationships with the students. In addition, teachers assign groups of high risk students to the Youth Advisors, who meet with them at lunch or other times to discuss and work out the issues that trouble them. They provide safe passage to students before and after school. The Youth Advisors report to and work closely with the school administration, teachers, counselors and safety staff. KLEO also offer after-school, weekend, and summer programs, creating 24-7 relationships with young people.