KLEO Story

GG_7_24KAnjuhl-AnneMarie-5-300x225K.L.E.O. (formerly The Kleo Barrett Angel Foundation for Victims of Domestic Violence) was founded in 2007 after Kleo Yolaughn Barrett , the youngest daughter of Pastor and Mrs. T.L. Barrett, Jr., was tragically killed by an ex-boyfriend at the young age of 27. Kleo was a correctional officer for the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. Kleo’s, motto in life was to not question anyone or anything because everything happens “by God’s Divine Design.” In honor of her daughter’s memory, Mrs. Cleopatra Barrett founded the organization to help eradicate domestic violence. Our mission has expanded to eradicate all violence and empower residents in the neighborhoods that the reside.

KLEO offers a dependable, caring environment and diverse positive outlets for adolescent’s and teens whose life have been impacted by poverty, teen pregnancy, gangs and other challenges. The program is designed to provide children with a warm, supportive environment where they have an opportunity to enjoy activities, make choices, develop responsibilities, build character and stimulate their curiosity. Educational Programs Youth Empowerment (Safe Haven, Youth Workforce Development, After School Matters) Youth Workforce Development Program (Employment-Job Retention-Like Coping Skills)